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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are You Looking for Things the Correct Way?

Entrepreneurs want money, intellectual property, staff, space, business intelligence and much more.  Oddly enough, entrepreneurs usually start by asking for the MONEY even if they have not done the background work to get it.  Nothing is easy about your startup, if it was everyone would do it.  This is something you must remember from day one when you decide to take the leap.

I have described many important aspects of building a company.  Networking is critical but you need all of the supporting information or you have nothing to show the people you meet.  Hanging a shingle on the office is not a license to have cash deposits made in your account.  You have to earn it.

Finding people to work with you takes time.  You can pay a recruiter or you can find them on your own.  The possible new hires want so know why they should be in the company and if there is a future there.  You have to sell them on the prospects.

Marketing information is available on the internet, but most likely, you need much more extensive search ability to find what will finalize the data marketing plan.  Your job is to tailor each discussion to meet the needs of the individuals you are pitching.  This could be your legal counsel, accounting firm, prospective investors, or prospective employees.  The market information can help to show how you plan to compete and make money.

A key to all of this is looking in the right places.  A friend once told me “even a blind squirrel can find nuts.” He was saying that finding what you want means sticking to the task.  It becomes easier when you do the background work and organize it properly.  You can find anything you seek.

In short, no one is going to deposit any of the important assets you need in your startup.  You are going to have to work to get it.  Your preparation is critical to increasing your chances for success.  The process is an everyday challenge because you will learn something new each day.  This means changing your pitch to fit.

You are part salesperson, part entrepreneur, part employee, but you must be full time prepared.  Yes a “blind squirrel can find nuts”, but they have years of experience and preparation.   They have learned and honed their skill or they die.  Learning is the same for you and your startup, i.e.  ALWAYS IMPROVE AND DEVELOP YOUR SKILL or your startup will die.