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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Do It!

Did you ever have a decision to make and the advice you received was not definitive?  Maybe you found that your team torn on a subject and they could not find a common way to address a problem.  You might have asked for directions to a location only to receive 7 different routes to get to the desired place.  This is far more common than you think!  Sometimes, there is no right answer or one method of achieving a goal.  In fact, the answer to the question might be a correct guess; i.e.Your Guess is as Good as Mine.”

It is not so important how you arrive at your destination as long as you get there safely and on time.  Planning a project may have several paths to the same end with the costs and timings being the same.  No one can predict the future and all plans come with potential impediments down the road.  Missteps or unknowns can delay or add cost to any project.   

Predicting which path is the right one is often an educated guess.  The best one can do is to weigh all the facts and make the best guess possible.  Do not be so locked in on the steps of achieving the goal that you fail to achieve the goal.  Sometimes being tied to a process can result in your missing roadblocks or missteps and you not effective in resolving issues in a timely manner. 

Many articles address the art of the pivot.  The reference implies that good entrepreneurs must see the changes ahead and pivot to change and adjust.  This ability to shift directions and make midstream corrections can make the difference in success for failure.  The entrepreneur will make many guesses along the way and they may guess wrong.  Recognizing the errors or impediments and changing direction is a crucial part of the winning strategy.

Being concerned on how to achieve a goal is important.  Making excellent plans toward achieving a goal helps ensure the prospects of success.  Determining the right course of action is sometimes a guess but an educated one.  Failing to take action or make a decision because you are unwilling to guess wrong can be one of the biggest roadblocks of all.  The indecision of moving forward can result in no movement at all.  The entrepreneur will not have a chance to pivot, change direction, or determine what does not work and fix it.

In short, this article implies that making a decision to move forward sometimes involves guessing.  Do not be afraid of guessing wrong, there may not be a right or wrong.  You should be vigilant enough to fix things that go wrong and change course.  Failure to move forward is sometimes like the kiss of death!  Like Nike says, “Just DO It!”