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Friday, July 27, 2012

I do not trust you is bad feedback

Watching the elections brings out many point that entrepreneurs can learn, but mostly from the negative aspects of the ads.  Look at the controversy of taking lines of text out of context and using the information to form a campaign ad against the candidate.  It is not just the presidential election, it nearly all candidates running.  The negative ads relay a message that candidates can only win by beating down their opponent not by showing their skills.  This is very SAD!

Showing one’s skill set and pointing to the how situations will be improved is a promotion demonstrating the benefits of the product or candidate.  How would your product or business grow if your advertisement read, “Their product sucks, so buy our product?”   Leaves one speechless and wondering why buy any of them. 

Marketing any product should address the strategic advantages and benefits.  People need to understand the value proposition of their purchase or investment.  Investors want to understand that their money is going toward a great new innovative idea that will change lives and make money.  Marketing the product must convey the how and why the product is the best, not that the other products are bad.  Bad is a relative judgment that each person must determine.  The delineation of the greater value of your product based on solid facts, leaves only the option of a focus on the facts and benefits.

It is hard to sit and watch TV these days with so much negative advertisement about the elections.  The elections are coming down to a vote on whom you dislike the least, not who is the best candidate.  It would seem that the candidates have business people advising them, but perhaps they are not listening.   Maybe the political advisors do not know how to market skills or the skills are just not there.  “Lying” or “stretching the truth” to paint the other person in a negative manner says one candidate does not “SUCK’ as much as the other person.

When preparing your marketing information to raise capital or promote your product, make every effort to use facts and be honest.  A bit of positive spin is expected, but not so much that it is a dishonest representation.  Demonstrate the value proposition of your company or product.  Show your investors or customers how great the product(s) are and gain their confidence in company and product(s).  You do not want to be labeled as a dishonest person, otherwise, investors or customers will develop a problem with the product or investment.  Remember, that “I Do Not Trust You” is something that is hard to change in the future.  Regaining confidence in your company or product is much more difficult than building it and maintaining it.  The negative will just make people run away!