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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beware of the boss

The title may a bit off from the actual content, but the point is the same.  Running a company as the new or experienced entrepreneur does not give one the right to be horrible to the team.  Actually, that right belongs to NO ONE.  Treating your team with respect and confidence is more in the realm of your right of passage.  It is just that many entrepreneurs have egos and a short temper.  They sometimes forget and starting team members like the wicked stepmother treated Cinderella.

There is a real need to convey a sense of urgency.   It is also true that obtaining the ultimate performance and ensuring accountability is part of the CEO entrepreneur’s role.  It is possible to convey these issues without being ugly.  Have you ever been in meetings where the boss says, “get it done or I will find someone else to do it?”  Maybe you have seen the boss belittle an employee in a meeting.  The actions actually provide the team with a poor image of the boss and the company.  You can bet they will tell potential new hires to watch out or even convince them they should not work there.

As the new boss, what do you do to help your employees achieve their optimal performance?  Remember a few of these:

·        Sitting down with them and determining steps you can take to ensure their success can make the difference in their results and desire to achieve the goals. 

·        Listening to their issues and views can help you provide alternate strategies leading to a successful outcome.

·        Providing them with assistance and training may turn them in to better employees with a greater productivity and desire to see the company successful.

·        Keeping your temper in check and not yelling will help them to share their problems and provide their ideas more freely.

·        There is a fine line between looking frugal and CHEAP!  Fair compensation (pay & equity) is warranted for quality work and commitment.

If you are not careful, you may see this sign on your door one day.

Plus, your team may respond this way