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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

There is life after the Sigma Walk

Get ready for the up hill climb!

As hard as it is to imagine, there is life after the Sigma Walk.  Your first days will really SUCK!  Gradually they will improve and you will move toward a new life.  The greatest lessons come from embracing the departure and recognizing it is not the end of life, but the start of a new chapter; the chapter of remodeling and forming the new YOU.

The first days are often spent sulking and being angry.  After the anger comes depression and eventually the acceptance of your circumstances.  Perhaps you will experience real physical shock; the kind you get in a hospital!  You be caught off guard and the fear of the unknown grips you.  Sitting in a room and making no contact with the outside world is one of your fist impulses.  Alternatively, you are so angry with everyone and everything you want to do nothing but get even.  None of these emotions helps you.

Your first objectives must be to get a grip and decide you are not going to be beaten.  You are going to remodel and build a NEW YOU; the YOU that will build businesses and become a great LEADER.  Your leaving gives you the time to write a book, take a vacation, or be that entrepreneur building a new company.  You can exercise and get in shape.  Network and meet huge numbers of new people.  Your remodeling can take the direction you select with no outside interference.  Develop your own plan that covers your remodeling of you and leads you to the success you want to achieve.

It is from the adversity that the great things come from within.  Your desires to succeed can the top objective on your list.  You can decide to be extremely successful.  One of the greatest benefits of your future massive success is the enhanced self-confidence and recognition from all those that wish they had kept you.  Success has a way of evening the emotions and making you the person you should be.  Not the one you could have been. YOU WILL BECOME A WINNER!

It is an uphill climb and you will need every bit of strength you can muster.  Developing actions and activities that lead to the success are critical.  Your ego needs the boost because you must network and build a company with enthusiasm.  Your network will rally around you and provide support and added contacts if they believe you are serious and can succeed.  You must enhance your confidence and desire to become the winner you are destined to be.

Does this sound like a motivational take to you?  Well, it is!  I have encouraged many new entrepreneurs and have been lectured to as well.  The goals are the same in all cases.  Determine what you want to do, then develop a plan and DO IT.  You will succeed only through hard work and countless hours of trying. 

Some of the younger generation have asked for help creating a company.  When asked what type of company, the response is “anything that makes them a lot of money.”  THIS IS A BAD WAY TO START! Your goal should be to identify a real business that addresses a consumer need or desire.  Maybe identify a new field or technology needing development.  Start with a real business concept, a plan, well-defined goals, and get advice from your network. 

When asked to do the Sigma Walk, think of it as a blessing.  You can NOW LET THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN YOU OUT TO PLAY.  Embrace change and go for the gold!  You can do it.
 Let the champion out.  You are a winner!
Taffy Williams is the author of:  Think Agile:  How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed to via Amazon