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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Negotiating tips summary and links

There is not magic wand in negotiating, only hard work!

·        Negotiating starts at your first interaction, Learn as much as possible, Watch where you set your anchor, Do not be afraid to walk away

·        Do your homework, Deal benefits, Perceived value created, Deal terms constructions, Analysis  and adjustments

·        Three things can kill a deal; valuation, location, and EGO
·        It is better to walk away than do a BAD deal
·        Tips from a great negotiator @TheCliveRich  or http://cliverich.com/

·        Planning is essential
·        Getting deals done mean you have something the other side wants
·        Taking your time if fine, but indecision will cause you the loss of business
·        You are selling to the other side in negotiations.  They must want what you have to offer.