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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Negotiating tips summary and links

There is not magic wand in negotiating, only hard work!

·        Negotiating starts at your first interaction, Learn as much as possible, Watch where you set your anchor, Do not be afraid to walk away

·        Do your homework, Deal benefits, Perceived value created, Deal terms constructions, Analysis  and adjustments

·        Three things can kill a deal; valuation, location, and EGO
·        It is better to walk away than do a BAD deal
·        Tips from a great negotiator @TheCliveRich  or http://cliverich.com/

·        Planning is essential
·        Getting deals done mean you have something the other side wants
·        Taking your time if fine, but indecision will cause you the loss of business
·        You are selling to the other side in negotiations.  They must want what you have to offer.

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  1. Think ahead when you are negotiating rights. Before going to any sales meeting or just for plain networking, make sure that you are prepared. You do not want to let people see that you are unorganized.