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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

100 plus articles published in the Examiner

 The following articles are published in the Examiner.com and cover issues of startups and entrepreneurship.  The list covers all articles published as of April 10, 2013.

5 Values that contribute to business success and keep customers coming back http://buff.ly/ZhseU4

5 Key considerations while creating a startup http://buff.ly/16ezjI3

5 Actions entrepreneurs should regularly perform http://buff.ly/YAHw61

6 Areas where contingency plans benefit entrepreneurs http://buff.ly/Y9K79M

8 Hats entrepreneurs often wear  http://buff.ly/14Jphhs

6 Questions to ask before creating a startup  http://buff.ly/12rFuMC

6 Steps toward repurposing you  http://buff.ly/YXbm7C

6 Steps toward that new job and new you - http://buff.ly/XF6PGC

3 Examples of pay it forward networking - http://buff.ly/13DrfiO

4 Entrepreneurship lessons learned by selling Girl Scout cookies -  http://buff.ly/139HZy2

4 Steps to get your development team in line and behind you - http://buff.ly/12X8sib

4 Steps to overcome inertia and build a business - http://buff.ly/X579ek

6 Steps recapture the lead when your to-do list is winning -  http://buff.ly/WXETNV

Draw energy from the positive people around you - http://buff.ly/UPoA4V

5 Stages of mourning entrepreneurs may experience - http://buff.ly/UDpdP5

7 Childlike characteristics that are strengths to an entrepreneur -  http://buff.ly/10JM2p6

7 Questions to ask fund managers reviewing your startup - http://buff.ly/X5yVXz

Leadership, relationship, and compromise get deals done  -  http://buff.ly/UmPEXq

Networking requires certain tools and attitude - http://buff.ly/UfzQUP

Success requires paying attention to details - http://buff.ly/R7xNF5

Entrepreneurs rarely throw in the towel -  http://buff.ly/TcQx4c

Understanding your markets requires good research -  http://buff.ly/RChUI2

EGOs can kill your business deal - http://buff.ly/RwYioD

Entrepreneurs should prepare for an exit - http://buff.ly/YxU2qR

Guard against bad decisions resulting from office politics - http://buff.ly/Ynhvee

Entrepreneurs sometimes get left at the altar - http://buff.ly/WOOis8

Succession planning is critical for entrepreneurs -  http://buff.ly/WxFxTr

Creativity and innovation come from mix of a wide range of ideas http://buff.ly/Y0fwMV

Give thanks for entrepreneurs because they are good for the economy - http://buff.ly/XWBlwP

Know the difference between rules and trends for your business -  http://buff.ly/XSEEVC

The Fiscal Cliff can affect your startup or small business - http://buff.ly/TT8PqZ

Creativity and new discovery end on stating something is impossible -  http://buff.ly/W7iVZG

Some of the greatest inventions and products occur by accident -  http://buff.ly/TaPAsM

You can rebuild after business failure and devastation - http://buff.ly/Q8R7Cm

Run very fast from unreliable investors - http://buff.ly/SqqEwO

Guard against unknowingly handing over your technology to others - http://buff.ly/Re835t  

The story of Loretto Chapel provides business creativity and planning lessons - http://buff.ly/PE6m68

Successful planning includes contingency plans  - http://buff.ly/T5pQM4

The importance of understanding the winners and losers in your market -  http://buff.ly/Po8tXf

Investors only get involved if they like and understand your company -  http://buff.ly/PfUFhx

Review and strategy change may get investors - http://buff.ly/QiZNRC

The golden rule as applied to business -  http://buff.ly/QdRvKM

Negotiating a business deal requires significant planning and discussion -  http://buff.ly/PXBZCX

Save time and money by understanding and working on the correct objectives http://exm.nr/Q7mhHw

Multiple investor groups may slow the financing of your startup http://exm.nr/NErLW3

Individualize advice before applying it to your small business http://exm.nr/QmF1il

Innovation and creativity are essential for small business http://exm.nr/N5jikx

Good business needs clear goals and precise measurements of success  http://exm.nr/QRlZr4

Innovate away from me too products http://exm.nr/MfjJXU

Me too products are not the best business opportunity http://exm.nr/Rf2hAg

Business intelligence is easy to obtain http://exm.nr/OCNSf3

Negotiating:  Sometimes walking away is required http://exm.nr/P845tP

Project planning is critical to product development http://exm.nr/NAX6ep

‘Build it and they will come’ is not a business plan http://exm.nr/P6Iou9

Leadership sometimes requires consensus building http://exm.nr/MN4bWc

Outsourcing, problem avoidance http://exm.nr/LBMg9B

Knowing your team enhances chances of success http://exm.nr/NCEnPT

Is it the right time for your products? http://exm.nr/LBNWzO 

Motivated Entrepreneurs Strive to Win http://exm.nr/NCEGKh

When In a Tight Spot, Seek Alternatives http://exm.nr/OxKwNW

Good PR or IR Increase Awareness for Startups and for the Region http://exm.nr/Q3G2wx

Mayor Foxx Proclaims Small Business Month in Charlotte, NC http://exm.nr/LKLOWF

BIG Brings Repeat Performance of Deal Desk -   http://exm.nr/LZ0cuB

CanDiag Inc Wins $50,000 in the Charlotte Venture Challenge - http://buff.ly/HZMN2g

Finalists Selected for the Charlotte Venture Challenge - http://exm.nr/IzVqT5

Mentoring Is a Great Way to Give Back -  http://exm.nr/IarnwT

Startups Compete in Charlotte Venture Challenge for Prizes Totaling $100,000  - http://exm.nr/HKZESA

Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It - If You Apply by February 29, 20 http://shar.es/gvzuB

Have a Bad Boss? http://exm.nr/zLFvGT

Startups to Compete in the Charlotte Venture Challenge for Prizes up to $100K http://exm.nr/wQAEui

An elevator pitch for a job search http://exm.nr/Ae3811

Instant Gratification Is Not Likely http://shar.es/WJauL

Network a Little Everyday http://shar.es/WehQX

Learn Marketing and Get a Job http://shar.es/WehD5 

Learn About Startup in a New Job http://shar.es/WehiC

Angel Investing Workshop Held in Charlotte, NC   http://shar.es/b8oYo

Biotech in the Charlotte Region - Conference Summary http://shar.es/bi6XJ

Two Events for Charlotte Entrepreneurs: October 27 & November 2, 2011 http://shar.es/bCdCj

Customers: Who Are They  http://exm.nr/omJHBG

Networking:  Essential for Job Search & Startups http://shar.es/b3Xll

Keeping Your Startup On Track http://shar.es/baTnv

Networking Can Enhance Chances for Success in Your Startup http://shar.es/baS6g

9/11 - Determination From Devastation, A Startup Story http://shar.es/HRFjN

Staff & Money http://shar.es/HU5KW  

Examine the Competitive Landscape http://shar.es/HUtnq

Don't Forget You May Have a Partner(s) to Manage   http://exm.nr/nXri3V

Lean Startup Conference – Charlotte, NC http://shar.es/HEOVK

Licensing Rights to a Technology http://shar.es/HExhP

Forming the Company & Structure (Part 2)  http://exm.nr/pHD7pW

Forming the Company & Structure (Part 1)  http://exm.nr/qauaVH

Patents Cost Money & Need Maintenance http://t.co/SEjcZfT

Where’s the Money? http://shar.es/HyEKP

Are You an Entrepreneur? http://shar.es/HxyJS

Packard Place - Incubator for Innovation and Entrepreneurship http://shar.es/Hwqky

The Entrepreneur, Learning, Networking, and Mentors   http://exm.nr/kDAc98

7 Questions You May Get from Potential Investors   http://exm.nr/lpBIQd

Intellectual Property (IP) and Know-how: Defined   http://exm.nr/kdU0Xx

Resources for Startups – Research at Carolinas HealthCare System http://exm.nr/iX75eE

The Business Plan http://exm.nr/kFwdlc

Startup Basics Recap from Interview http://exm.nr/jgWzSb

Resources for Charlotte Startups – UNC Charlotte Technology http://exm.nr/j0dSX1

Resources in Charlotte for Startups - IMAF http://exm.nr/mStspK

Starting a tech or biotech company, the beginning steps -  http://exm.nr/jrBVyZ

Resources for Startup Companies in Charlotte, NC http://exm.nr/lrb7C8

Raising Capital (or NOT) for the Startup http://exm.nr/jx6oEu

Corporate Presentation to Raise Capital http://exm.nr/mRhNVK