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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Multiple paths lead to solutions of business and research problems

More than one path usually exists.  Find the one that best fits your business needs!

Business and research are places where products discoveries occur during attempts to solve problems and make improvements.  It is rare that the discovery process has a singular path; meaning that more than one route leads to the accomplishment of key goals.  If path limitations exist, they arise because of attitudes, knowledge, and skills of the individuals involved.  People see problems differently and backgrounds influence the directions and view of the problems; e.g., is the “glass half full or half empty?” Attitude and knowledge are sure to influence your direction and problem resolution.

It is important to understand the problem from different perspectives to achieve a resolution more useful to a larger group.  Better understanding arises from quality market assessments.  Small or large group studies can lead to a better understanding.  One may also gain information via networking discussions among the right group of individuals.  The ability to identify key issues and consolidate them into goals requiring resolution drives the determination of the best set of characteristics to address. 

Why is this important?  Products that do not fit the best set of desired goals are less interesting to the target market.  Understanding of the market needs influence whether customers buy once and go away, or return to buy frequently.  Good research will determine if the product is even interesting to the target market.  Understanding of key issues and problems assist creation of great products.  Proper delineation of the product characteristics are critical to tasking the development team in the discovery process.  Better definition of the ideal product and intended use enhance the ability of the team to address and create the right products for the target market.

Many problems have multiple solution paths leading to multiple products, but only a limited subset of these may be of interest to your market.  The article “Build it and they will come is not a business plan” described the importance of product creation for the target market.  Business and research require extensive effort to understand the issues and devise proper solutions and desirable products.  In your planning stages, try to incorporate a few of the key considerations:  1) Will the customers like the product? 2) Will they return to buy again? 3) Does the product provide right quality and value?  4) Does it fit their need and solve a problem they have?  These are just a few of the areas to consider. 

Remember, that companies that do not have repeat business or interested customers will find their business a tougher thing to build.  So, start out in the right direction and find the path that is a bit easier to travel.

  Taffy Williams is the author of:  Think Agile:  How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed to via Amazon