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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Second interview of Taffy Williams by Greg Viloria of the Nerd Stalker

Everyone has a slant!  Listen to mine in the interview on Nerd Stalker.
In a second interview by Greg Viloria, the Taffy Williams provided "slant" on startups, leadership and business creation: Nerd Stalker ( @nerdstalker ) calls the segment Startup Blog Insights. The goal is to obtain in-depth thoughts about topics covered in Startup Blog. This interview covered two articles published in the examiner.com: 5 Key considerations while creating a startup " and "8 Hats Entrepreneurs Often Wear."

The full interview is available on Nerd Stalker:   http://www.nerdstalker.com/2013/04/startup-blog-insights-building-your.html  


“Key Ingredients for Your Startup


"If you are not thinking about how you plan to structure this organization and how this person is buying into the business...structure is important at the onset"


"I worked for the government for 14 years and one of the things that was a hot button for me what was when I asked someone to do somethings would refuse to do something because it was not in their job description..(in a startup).your job is to do whatever it takes to make it successful"


"if you do the wrong thing at the wrong time it only takes one wrong move to demotivate your people for months"”


The two articles point to the areas of planning and willingness to perform in a startup.  Planning is critical before starting.  Learning to modify the plans as the business progresses is equally important.  The ability to serve in multiple ways contributes to getting all tasks completed and demonstrating leadership to the team.

It was a pleasure speaking with Greg in this second interview and I look forward to future discussions.  The added information provides more insight into these articles.

Taffy Williams is on Twitter by @twilli2861.  Email questions to twilli2861@aol.com. More is available via his company  website ,  photo  website, or “LIKE” ColonialTDC on Facebook.  You can also find him in the group Startup  Group on Linkedin. Other articles are in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of Examiner.com.