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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Ways entrepreneurs pay it forward

Wouldn't life be better if everyone did a little to "pay it forward?"

Entrepreneurs work very hard 24/7!  They create startups and strive to build their businesses that create countless jobs.  They encounter many struggles and often receive little thanks for their efforts.  Eventually, they succeed or start something new.  This is a cycle that seems daunting for many, but many entrepreneurs are committed to this life style.

Win or lose in the business world, each entrepreneur has an opportunity to succeed in life by using precious resources to help others.  There are many ways this can be done and each person needs to find an outlet important to them.  Many people want to help others in some manner but seem to find little time to become involved.  It is with this idea that the list below may serve as a means of helping you find that niche that strikes a passion in your life.

1.      Less fortunate:  It is not possible to walk the streets in a major city and fail to see people in need.  Maybe you feel they are scamming and not really in need so you walk by.  There are reputable charities that will help those with true misfortune in their lives.  Perhaps you can devote a little time to physically help a charity or feel able to donate money from your personal reserves.  Occasionally, someone you know personally has fallen on hard times and could use a hand.  Just lending an ear and helping them sort out troubles may be enough.

2.      Youth & employees:  Many people can benefit from your knowledge and skills.  Teaching & counseling on business issues are not always on the core agenda in schools.  No one knows your business like you, so who better to teach tomorrow’s leaders?   The old phrase “you can’t take it with you”, applies to knowledge as well as to money.  What better to leave behind than highly skilled and educated leaders!

3.      Money:  You hit the jack pot in your company and now you are rich.  Maybe you are just financially stable and have good health.  Finding ways to use some of your wealth to help charities or educational institutions is an option.  If your passion is education, perhaps contributing to a scholarship fund is of interest.  Some entrepreneurs create charitable trusts for their gifts and for soliciting funds for an area of interest.  In short, find something you feel comfortable with and consider giving.

4.      Memories:  Supporting someone emotionally, teaching new skills, giving financial assistance, or just listening and offering advice create positive memories in those being helped.  Maybe you recall a teacher or manager that was there for you.  Perhaps you feel you are successful because someone helped you.  You have memories of fondness or appreciation because of another person’s contributions in helping you.  You can leave such feeling behind in those you help!

The point seems a bit like the movie “Pay it forward.”  If you give to others, someone will be most grateful for the gift received from you.  Maybe they will be inspired to be the same kind and generous person that you appear to be to them.  By changing how you interact with those in your immediate sphere of influence, you have a great ability to alter a much larger sphere and help bring about a better place in the future. 

  Taffy Williams is the author of:  Think Agile:  How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed to via Amazon