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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quit Complaining and Expand!

Everyone has a sphere of influence.  This may start with immediate family, close friends, then school or work place associates.  Those contacts have contacts too, stemming from very close to distant contacts.  If you are on LinkedIn, you will often see a connection list showing that via your 3rd level contacts, there are limitless people you have influence over.  In reality, the level of influence you have occurs with you first, then with your closest and immediate sphere of friends and family.

It is easy to complain: for example about the bad economy, limited jobs, bad food, and/or whatever bugs you today.  Your ability to change your environment rarely comes from complaining but from actions taken to solve a problem.  The complaints most originate because you are unable to take direct action to solve the issues.  If it were, you would have fixed the problem and moved on.

Complaints are fine, but solving problems is better.  No one likes hearing the complaints nor do they like problem situations.  You always have an ability to contribute to the solution of problems, but the level of contribution may be limited.

Keep in mind that you have a sphere of influence of your closest contacts.  Those are the ones most likely to listen to your problems and get involved in creating a solution.  It is not possible to change the way government functions all at once.  You can get all your friends to rally behind a new candidate.  By having multilevel support via distal contacts, you influence an election.  This is part of the basis of campaigns.  Changing government one politician at a time becomes a task utilizing extended contacts.

You may dislike your boss.  Guess what, the person is still your boss. You can quit or find a way to work with the person.  Your boss has influence over your future career and finding a way to work with the person will help your future prospects.  You have influence even in those that you do not like. It comes down to how you use that influence to change your situation.

You have little chance of changing things outside of your immediate sphere of influence.  This is why EXPANDNG THE SPHERE has great value to you over time.  The extended influence you build can help find solutions to current issues in your startup or personal life.  Hopefully, you have read the articles in this blog on networking that lay out why it is so essential.  Networking is a great way to enhance your sphere of influence. 

You cannot change the world all at once.  You can change a little bit around you by using your influence.  Close friends and family are often more than willing to help if you just ask.  This may be from getting advice, speaking to someone on your behalf, or finding you funds for your NewCo.  The more people in your current sphere the more your reach.  You will become stronger and greater with ability to take on greater challenges because your influential control has expanded.

In short: Quit Complaining and Expand your influence by making new friends.  Get them into your inner circle and help each other.  Take control of your surroundings and make your life and company better.  Rather than complain, find a way to solve a problem.

Taffy Williams is the author of:  Think Agile:  How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed to via Amazon