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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Entrepreneurs are Different from the Crowd

Entrepreneurs are often willing to stand out from the crowd.  Most do it with honor and dignity.  It is part of the startup culture to be innovative and creative.  To make things that may improve the lives of people all over the world.  It is no surprise that it is risky to create a business starting from nothing.

Risks are common in everyday life.  Taking risks comes with potential rewards; "the greater the risk the greater the reward."   Some people are able to tolerate the risks better than others are.  They see the end of the potential rewards of developing a new company with novel and exciting products.  They love the innovation and challenge of doing something that make others cringe. 

Without the entrepreneurs, you would not have a cell phone with a multitude of capabilities.  Your TV set would contain a picture tube and flat screens would not exist.  Discoveries for novel disease would not continue in the numerous small companies.  Cost of goods at the manufacturing level would remain high.  Few companies would be seeking new forms of renewable energy.  Products created because of entrepreneurs touch our everyday lives and make them better.

Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.  The desires to create new products enhance the innovative push in companies.  The competition to be first to market accelerates the development timelines and attempts to capture market share first. 

No wonder entrepreneurs have different personality traits.  They see the glass as half-full or even better seek ways to fill the half-full glass.  They see problems and they see potential solutions.  They have no fear of trying to develop the solutions.  OK, so they also want to make money.  That is capitalism at its best. 

So to all those entrepreneurs in the world, I say stand up and be proud. Your efforts have the potential to make someone’s life just a bit better.