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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Entrepreneurs are like artists

The start of a new company by an entrepreneur is like an artist creating a painting.  The easel is blank and the artist creates a masterpiece from a vision.  First, the sketch is drawn and then the colored.  The artist decides whether to use an oil-based paint or some unique method of adding color.  The artist sees the painting taking shape.  There are sections that may need to be re-done because they did not fit the desired image.   There are no numbers or instructions for the artist.  The whole idea develops from concept to reality based on a vision.

The same occurs with many startups.  Entrepreneurs have an idea for a product that should be important to the targeted consumer group.  The idea may be an early concept or it may have some research performed by a scientist the entrepreneur has identified.  The next step is identifying a process that will convert the idea to an exciting product.  The development path is committed to paper along with the marketing information and any relevant business information.  Eventually a business plan is created.

The entrepreneur must now create a company structure and find team members to work on the business.  Money must be raised to fund the business.  The entrepreneur now takes to the road on a treasure hunt.  The process of seeking money is a performance of sorts.  The entrepreneur must present the business in a manner to captivate an audience.  The investors must share a vision and that vision is the one the entrepreneur created.

The process of creating a company can sound a bit more business in description, but that hides the extensive creativity that many entrepreneurs possess and use to form their business.  A company created from scratch complete with plans, a team, and funding.  It takes imagination, an ability to convert images to reality, conviction, and salesmanship.  The entrepreneur must lead the process and adjust the business as needed.  The whole process arises from a vision.  Perhaps, one can characterize the entrepreneur as a magician.  Things appear out of thin air, but magic is an illusion.  The businesses created by entrepreneurs are real and the jobs that arise are real.

Art has similar characteristics as a company ages.  The better the entrepreneur and the more desired the business, the greater valuation.  Images that do not sell well eventually fade to being worth very little.  Those pieces of art created by the masters are recognized as fine art and are worth high prices; the same is true for the companies created by the entrepreneur. 

It takes time and thought to create a company.  The goals of all entrepreneurs are to create masterpieces.  The thought and energy you put into your masterpiece will ultimately determine the value you receive for it.  The recognition you receive will be part of your reward as well.  Your goal is to create masterpieces that everyone wishes they owned; be it part of the company or products being sold.