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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2 Words of advice for new and serial entrepreneurs

 Make your dreams a reality !

I do not know anyone that ever dreamed of going to work to make minimum wage.  Perhaps there are people that dram of minimum wage jobs and I hope they achieve it.  On the other hand, entrepreneurs tend to have significantly larger dreams.  They see their objective in life as a way of changing the world, creating a huge business empire, having their own business, or many other things important to them.  Those dreams enhance the drive for the entrepreneurs to achieve something great.

Your dreams may take you in directions different than you ever anticipate.  Wanting to be a famous scientist working in a university as a full professor may be something a child sees in the future.  Maybe they want to cure diseases of the world by inventing the cures.  For others, being an educator and teaching children could be a lifetime dream. Dreams are about doing you find exciting not simply about being famous or rich.  Early in life, you may desire to create new things and be a scientist.  Later, you become excited about business.  One day the two dreams come together and you create a company based on some new technology: i.e., dreams change and can morph into new dreams.

Excitement and desire are what drive people to achieve their dreams.  This is the reason in a recent article, “4 Steps to overcome inertia and build a business” the first objective in overcoming inertia is to create something exciting to you.  People have all kinds of dreams but you never see them striving to achieve dreams of failure: that is not exciting.  It is hard to build up the energy to go after a task you know will end badly.  People want to create or do things they find exciting and fulfilling.  This is what entrepreneurs do.  They find that overlap of a dream with reality and move forward to do something greater.

Search the internet for “you die if you stop dreaming.”  Many articles on entrepreneurs and their dreams cover this topic.  A recent Facebook article from a friend described a woman in her late eighties having returned to college to finish her degree.  She became friends of many of the classmates and finished her degree.  She achieved her lifelong dream and died shortly after.  Death does not have to occur by loss of life.  You tend to lose all that energy and drive when you are not struggling to achieve something new and exciting to you.  It may be ok for some to have daily unchanging routines and have no desire to do anything else, but for an entrepreneur is horrifying.  They cannot imagine living life that way.

One saying you may have heard growing up is, “You can do anything you really want to do.”  For the most part this is true.  The flipside is “You never achieve things you do not attempt.”  Entrepreneurs experience failure for many reasons.  They grieve and many recover to try again.  When the entrepreneur stops dreaming, they kind of die inside and lose some of that zeal for life.  For this reason, it may be better that you never stop dreaming.  You may have guessed the two words of advice already.  In case you did not, the two words are “DREAM BIG!”

Taffy Williams is the author of:  Think Agile:  How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed to via Amazon