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Thursday, April 7, 2016

4 Ways to stay on top of your game

Where will you be if lightning strikes your business?

Agile Thinking” is a skill that can be developed and sharpened.  The skill can help one become better positioned to take advantage of significant events or even help create those significant events.  In Agile thinking helps entrepreneurs achieve success , a few actions are listed that help one become more agile in their thinking.    It is possible to improve one’s odds of success by not being so rigid and learning to be more agile or flexible in their thoughts and actions.

While watching the ACC playoffs, it was interesting to see teams play where one dominated the game until the last 5 minutes. On the other hand, close games ended up in surprise finishes because of teams being highly flexible, sticking to their goals, and upping their game.  It appeared games may have been blow-outs until the end.  Team that were ahead seemed to either run out of steam, or abandon their   game plan.  Underdogs were able to surprise their opponents and become the final winner. 

Winning in business or in sports requires remaining energetic, focused and agile until the game is over.  No one remembers how great you were during winning parts of the game, they only remember who won.  This is enhanced if they were your investors.  The investors only win if you win and they lose if you lose. 

There are various skills that need attention and must become part of your makeup if you wish to be agile in your thinking.  Agile thinking can increase your success as an entrepreneur.  Agile thinking includes agile actions and attitude.  The following list provides a few more to add to your list:


  1. Keep up the pressure – Entrepreneurs must keep the pressure up and continue to seek ways to grow on a daily basis.  Even those having a successful running business can seek methods to increase their prospects.  It is hard to know when some event will negatively affect your business, so vigilance and continued agile thinking is critical.


  1. Adjust plans as needed – Managers are taught to focus and this is a critical skill to develop.  However, agile thinking allows for adjustment in plans when required.  The ability to see events and identify adaptive actions can be important to success.


  1. Try something different – It is a rare event that a plan is successful when first conceived.  In fact, it is rare that an agreement written between parties will be viewed the same a few years later.  Trying different approaches or experimentation helps one learn what works and does not work.  Adapting to the differences that may occur in a failing agreement may be extremely helpful.  The key is to find what works and learn how to stay away from those things you know lead to failure.


  1. Get feedback – No one knows everything needed and the specifics of your business are not taught in school.  On the job experiences are helpful to enhance your skills.  Learning to interact and obtain feedback from people with different experience levels is critical to your selecting the better choices.  Their failures can be used to help you build better chances of success.


 Taffy Williams is the author of:  Think Agile:  How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed to via Amazon